ProSource Sports takes pride in being involved in all aspects of our clients professional lives.  We at ProSource Sports strive to ensure that
our clients can focus on their on field performance knowing that the business aspects of their lives are being handled by caring and
passionate professionals. These services include but are not limited to:

  • All Contract Negotiations
  • Representation of all NFL Grievances, Hearings and Appeals.
  • Collecting Termination or Severance Pay.
  • Injury Expertise and Rehabilitation from the Foremost Specialists in the Industry.
  • Off-Season Training, Nutrition and Supplementation.
  • Team Communication Liaison
  • Assistance with Career-Ending/Disability Insurance Proceeds.
  • Formation and Assistance with Charitable Foundation.
  • Execution of Trades and Releases.
  • Veteran Contract Extensions

Clipboard04According to Sports Illustrated, 78% of NFL players are bankrupt or in financial stress within 2 years after their retirement. For this reason, ProSource Sports assists their clients in hiring a qualified NFLPA certified financial management planner to help clients establish a long term plan for their retirement and invest their money wisely. At ProSource, we believe your money should be working for you. It is hard to think about retirement when just beginning a professional career, but the failure to do so is one of the primary reasons so many ex-players struggle financially when their careers end.
ProSource will act as the client’s liaison with their financial planner, so clients can fully focus on their athletic performance.

ProSource works closely with clients and their financial advisers to establish a budget that accommodates the client’s needs and lifestyle, while still providing for future retirement funding. ProSource helps clients learn to manage their money, pay their bills timely and build a strong credit rating.

Clients are placed on automatic monthly bill pay services, so there will be no worry about missed or late bill payments, and no hassle with mailing recurring payments. We also educate Player’s on all of the benefits offered through the NFL and NFLPA to assist players in their post football careers and retirement.

Clipboard06ProSource helps clients create their “brand.” Professional athletes are thrust into the public limelight and the media scrutinizes their actions. ProSource helps clients create and maintain a positive public image by seeking out positive media coverage and exposure through newspapers, magazines, radio, internet, TV, guest appearances, and other media.

A player’s performance on the field and actions off the field can significantly affect the market potential for sponsorship and other commercial revenue deals. At ProSource, we mentor our clients to help them make wise decisions and avoid legal issues. We also handle media relation issues and help deflect any negative publicity for clients.

From lucrative apparel deals to trading cards, ProSource secures marketing deals for clients and takes advantage of opportunities to build and reinforce client name recognition and brand image to maximize client’s endorsement deals and marketing opportunities

ProSource clients have appeared on popular shows such as David Letterman and TMZ, and have secured apparel deals with companies such as Nike and Oakley. We make it a priority to build our clients’ brand image, increase their net worth, and maximize off-field earning and marketing potential.

Clipboard07We encourage all of our clients to be positive role models both on and off the field, to be involved in charitable causes and to give back to the communities that support them.

Our clients participate in a variety of charitable events, including celebrity basketball and golf tournament fundraisers, charity youth football clinics, children’s home and cancer hospital visits, charity auctions, and a variety of other community events.

We are also more than happy to assist clients who desire to start their own charitable foundations to support interests that are close to their hearts.

It is important for our clients to build and maintain a positive image and to learn the personal value of helping others who are not as fortunate. Our clients truly benefit as much as the children they visit and the charities they help.